New CALZONI architecture to minimize onboard installation impact/costs and improve Night Vision Goggle compatibility performances.

A new System Control Cabinet (SCU) has been launched on the market.

The System Control Unit is the heart of the HVLA system architecture and provides for the control and power signals of all the lighting units of the system.

The new features/architecture include:

  • More compact, volume reduction of 40% (vs. former SCC)
  • A dramatic reduction of the number of units to install (power units are all functionally embedded in the SCU)
  • Significant reduction of the installation costs for the Shipyard/Integrator
  • Improved power control to dim the light intensity in a ratio from 0.005% to 100%. This outstanding low level allows dark night landing operations and the compatibility with Night Vision Goggles.

The SCU is provided since now with all the new supplied HVLA systems.