Safe land in night time with a optimal vision of the approach path with both naked eye and Night Vision Goggles.

New version of Calzoni’s SHINE Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator Improves Night Vision Goggle Performance.

Flying while utilizing night vision goggles (NVGs) have become standard practice for all military pilots. NVGs significantly increase safety during night operations and are utilized by both land and sea-based pilots. Visual landing aids must accommodate this technology, however, recent onboard tests have demonstrated that the pilot perception of a Glide Slope Indicator (GSI).lighr beam with and without NVG may have a significant variability.

The GSI provide three coloured beams for the approach path visualization and the IR radiation content in different light colors cause the intensity variation seen by the pilot though a NVG device. In addition NVGs performances change with the goggle type itself.

Calzoni has designed its LED based Glide Slope Indicator (GSI) to account for these aspects and allow the best seen both with the naked eye and with NVGs. Our solution will allow pilots utilizing both present and next generation NVGs to see a crisp, clear and distinguishable aid to safely land. . No other GSI provides a better visual landing aid.

To provide pilots with the best-available landing aid solution we have equipped our latest SHINE Glide Slope Indicator with a newly-developed technology called “Adaptive Light Engine”. This technology is based on the independent control the intensity of both the visible LED and IR LED lights. By balancing both the visible and infrared spectrums of light we ensure that the beam sectors are best seen both with the naked eye and with NVGs.

Conditions are constantly changing, shouldn’t your visual landing aids change, as well, to give the pilot’s the best and safest means to land?