The flight deck status display (or light) is an important visual signal for the safety of all landing operations on ships. The increasing use of night vision goggles (Night Vision Goggles – NVGs) and the need of cooperation among NATO forces are the main reasons that motivated the definition of a standard that allows the effective use of a shared display method . The combined use of natural vision and NVG (without color vision) by the pilot and crew, requires a specific encoding of the status signals.

The NATO standard agreement STANAG 1472 – Ed.1 “NVD FLIGHT DECK STATUS DISPLAYS COMPATIBLE SINGLE SPOT ON SHIPS”, promulgated in 2011, addresses this need and provides the procedures eligible for display in terms of colors, shapes and flashes of light elements.

The method that employs three different colors and three forms offers the most direct interpretation by operators: the color is easily interpretable with natural view and shape using NVGs.

The coding of the signals is as follows:

• “Foul” o “Red” deck             

• “Caution” deck                     

• “Clear” o “Green” deck         

The new Calzoni Deck Status Display (DSD) offers this kind of coding and is fully in line with the standard.

The “wave-off” signal can be an independent lighting unit in its own or can be integrated into the DSD as red signal flashing.

In addition to the NVG compatibility, the new DSD is designed with an extremely low radar signature which makes it particularly suitable for the latest generations of stealth vessels. That is achieved by the use of proper materials and by a thickness of only 25mm which allows it to be installed directly flush to the hangar bulkhead.

The refitting of Status Display Lights on the ships of the Navy is particularly simple since the new DSD replaces the previous DSL model on the same supports and has a fully compatible “plug&play” electrical connection .

The DSD has a display surface comparable with the previous DSL but a greater visibility because it illuminates the signal in the same display area.