About L3 KEO

In 1916, Kollmorgen, a small optical company in Brooklyn, New York was contracted to design, build and install the first workable periscope aboard the first U.S. submarine. For more than ninety years, the company has remained devoted to high-accuracy, stabilized, electro-optical systems for defense.

L3 KEO employs a full spectrum of engineering and manufacturing disciplines to design a variety of sensor and weapon systems for submarines, surface ships, combat vehicles, and other defense platforms.

With US facilities in Massachusetts and Vermont, L3 KEO is an experienced developer of integrated and stabilized, high-performance optronic sensor, antenna and weapon control systems for defense applications. L3 KEO has the capability to accept any electro-optical or motion control challenge and then design to it, build it, test it, and stand behind it. L3 KEO provides a wide range of technical capabilities for:

  • Motion control and stabilized systems
  • Imaging and display
  • User Interface
  • Packaging for harsh environments

From the first submarine periscope to the latest optronic sensors, L3 KEO continues to translate design excellence into fielded products. L3 KEO produces the systems that enable you to look, to see, and to control the leading edge of integrated imaging systems.