SME WEEK November 21, 2011 CALZONI

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Safe land in night time with a optimal vision of the approach path with both naked eye and Nigh Vision Goggles


New CALZONI architecture to minimize onboard installation impact/costs and improve Night Vision Goggle compatibility performances.

UDT June 7-9, 2011 London

IMDEX May 18-20, 2011 Singapore

Calzoni Stand: N07

LAAD April 12-15,2011 Rio de Janeiro

Calzoni booth: F30d

SEA AIR SPACE April 11-13,2011 Washington

Calzoni booth: 1145

HELI-EXPO March 5-8,2011 Orlando

Calzoni booth: 2544

Calzoni at Bologna Career day

February 10, 2011