Project Picasso (Man Overboard Aid & Rescue System) Passed its Final Test


The final test of the Picasso project (Preventing Incidents & Accidents for Safer Ships in the Oceans), one of the latest innovative project realized by Calzoni with the help and co-financing of the European Union, was successfully passed.

Picasso is an autonomously guided aerial drone, created specifically for rescue operations of men overboard. Thanks to its automatic target recognition system, the quadcopter drone identifies the position of the person to be rescued. 


The recognition system bases its functioning on machine-learning mechanisms and activation of neural networks, which analyze all the images provided by the cameras mounted on the drone.
These functions make it perfectly autonomous in identifying and transmitting to the mother vessel the GPS coordinates of the exact point in which the emergency is occurring. Then The drone releases a life jacket, useful to provide first aid to the man overboard while he’s waiting for the rescue.


The drone automatically performs the take-off, landing and search maneuver in the affected sea area. In case of need, it can also be controlled by operators, using the base station supplied with the system.