Calzoni NR-50 – Navigation Radar for Submarines

The NR-50 is a new-generation solid-state radar for navigation, specifically designed for cost-effective, easy installation during submarine retrofit and new submarine construction.

Featuring a customizable Mast interface slot, the NR-50 is designed to be integrated on existing submarine plattorms.



lt allows the elimination of an in-hull passage typically needed tor radar equipment installation, increasing the overall integrity and soundness ot the hull ot the submarine. The radar’s newly designed robust and pressure-proot radome protects the sensor trom the harshest external environmental conditions.

The NR-50 sensor is a pulse-compressed X-band transceiver. Transmission power can be selected by the user, trom less than 1 watt (peak) up to 50 watts (peak). The antenna is a planar array specially designed tor navigation and surtace applications. lts low weight and reduced dimensions allow tor easy installation on submarine Masts.

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