1834: CALZONI is founded by Alessandro Calzoni as a mechanic workshop for agriculture machines, the Company is located in the very centre of Bologna-Italy

1920: The Company moves in larger area in the outskirts of Bologna, activities are focused on water turbines and iron castings

1923: CALZONI establish a cooperation agreement with the Company RIVA in Milan, also active in water turbine: the water turbines activity is concentrated in the Milan works while CALZONI develops hydraulic systems for different applications: servomotors, hydroelectric gates drives, hydraulic motors

1931: 1st application of CALZONI hydraulic systems in the naval area, with the supply of hydraulic rudder controls for the Italian submarine “Victor Pisani”

1960: 1st delivery of hydraulic masts for Submarines with the supply of the complete set of masts and the hydraulic system for the Italian Navy Toti class submarine

1966: CALZONI merges with RIVA into the new Company RIVA CALZONI SpA

1970: Activity in the naval field expands into Handling Systems for Surface Ships, while the patented “Non Hull Penetrating Mast Solution” opens opportunities in the international market

1990: Hardware/Software capabilities range of products expands to Naval Autopilots added

1995: RIVA CALZONI teams with Kollmorgen-US for the development of mast fit for the newly developped optronic system for the US Navy Virginia class

1999: Acquisition of Panerai Sistemi (Florence), then incorporated in Riva Calzoni, that expands the range of product offered to Visual Landing Aids

1999: Spin off of the RIVA CALZONI activities in the naval area in the separate Company CALZONI Srl, ownership passes to Kollmorgen EO-MA (US), as natural outcome of successful long term relationship

2000: CALZONI moves to a new facility in Calderara di Reno, in the suburbs of Bologna

2000: CALZONI and Kollmorgen EO become part of Danaher Corp (USA)

2001: First implementation of the Danaher Business System aimed to provide performance of excellence in term of quality, delivery time and costs

2001-2010 : Activity structured around three main products lines: Submarine Masts, Visual Landing Aids, Special Naval Applications

2010: CALZONI opens a new office in US

2012: Calzoni and KEO become part of L3 Technologies Corporation (NY, USA)

2019: L3 Technologies Corporation and Harris Corporation merged to create L3Harris Technologies Corporation