Naval Helidecks
Naval Helidecks

Naval Helidecks

MCP (Main Control Panel) SGSI (Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator) EDGE-M (Deck Edge) LINE UP WAVE OFF HB-HI (Homing Beacon) HRB (Horizon Reference Bar) HB (Homing Beacon) OBS ( Obstruction identification) HIFR (Helicopter In-Flight Refulling) DSD ( Deck Status Display) STGO ( Stop/Go) SLIM-S ( Surface Low Impact Modular) FLOOD (Floodlight) SLIM-E ( Edge/Contour/Lineup)

Calzoni Visual Landing Aids System for Naval applications is specifically designed for the optical guidance to decking of helicopters and STOVL aircraft on air capable ships.

Fully integrated and modular system updated with the latest technology.
It includes a full range of signalling and illumination lights, HMI/control stations with monitoring panels. A new architecture characterized by a compact System Control Unit (SCU) provide the full control of all the units with low voltage precision power supply and minimum impact on the ship.

  • Fully integrated solution with display control panel, software programmable
  • Proven systems in a large number of single spot flight decks to aircraft carriers
  • NVG compatible and NVG friendly (use with unaided eye and Night Vision Goggles)
  • Precise dimming from very low intensity (down to 1/20000%) to 100% for day and night operations
  • LED technology for all the units
  • Designed to comply with all applicable standards
  • Full integrated Factory Acceptance Test

Lloyds Certified

MCP (Main Control Panel)

Operator panel for the overall system. Graphical and touch-screen display.

A second companion MCP can be considered for VLA control duplication or the Integrated Landing Support display.

SGSI (Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator)

LED based motion Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI) for landing

approach. It provides: Day/Night-time NVG compatible (flashing), covert, light beam.

With sector independent precise dimming capability.

GSI (Glide Slope Indicator)

EDGE-M (Deck Edge)

High Intensity Deck Edge to be embedded in the flight deck.

It provides a clear view of the deck perimeter.



Circular centerline light embedded in the deck.



Omndirectional light with flashing beam for pilot warning.

HB-HI (Homing Beacon)

High intensity omnidirectional very long visual range ship localization.


HRB (Horizon Reference Bar)

Roll stabilized illuminated bar to provide a stable horizontal reference for the pilot.

HRB (Horizon Reference Systems)

HB (Homing Beacon)

LED version omnidirectional long visual range ship localization.

OBS ( Obstruction identification)

Omnidirectional light, red light color.

HIFR (Helicopter In-Flight Refulling)

Omnidirectional light for helicopter alignment

DSD ( Deck Status Display)

Low profile semaphore: 3 colors/states + Wave off indication.

NVG compatible ( symbols shape) low RCS.STANAG 1472 compliant.

STGO ( Stop/Go)

Two colors (red,green) semaphore with glare prevention hood.

SLIM-S ( Surface Low Impact Modular)

Light with flush installation over the flight deck version. it requires a small deck hole.

Sealed SLIM ( Surface Low Impact Modular) light module.

FLOOD (Floodlight)

Surface floodlight for deck and hangar illumination producing an extremely uniform light blade.

The light doesen't dazzle to pilot thanks to the special beam geometry.

SLIM-E ( Edge/Contour/Lineup)

Surface Low Impact Modular light - Elevated version.

Elevated support base for deck and bulkhead installation.

Low RCS, sealed SLIM light module.