Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Calzoni USV design started with Italian MOD as a drone intended for minesweeping operation, based on our experience in minehunting solutions.

Next generation evolved to a dual-use unmanned full modular surface platform called U-RANGER* designed to integrate different sensors and payloads to suite various mission types.

It offers solutions to all the environments and conditions where unmanned operation are required for safety and flexibility.

The system controls the vehicle through the following operating modes:


  • Manual assisted: remote manual control by means of joystick/keyboard of the vehicle heading and thrust.
  • Automatic: automatic track-keeping of planned tracks. Vehicle motion is continuously monitored by the master station.
  • Autonomous: automatic mode without radio-link. The vehicle operates on the planned track in covert operation. In Autonomous mode the vehicle has the capability to perform the planned manoeuvers without any direct external control thanks to Obstacle Avoidance and Target Identification features.