Motion Platforms
Motion Platforms

Motion Platforms

Dynamic simulation is an effective mean to train crews to face critical situations during vessels manning:

  • is normal practice in submarine environment but can be efficiently applied for small/medium surface vessels;
  • can generate realistic behaviour of the vessel in emergency situations induced by ship failures/damage or natural environment;
  • can be used to enhance training process aiming to improve crew endurance, select people with best attitude, set up better emergency procedures, prepare to access and manoeuvre in different harbours, operate in night/day/fog with heavy sea state;
  • offers dramatic cost saving, minimizing the wearing of vessels for training purpose, limiting the risks of damages, reducing traning period and widely enlarging the competence and awareness of the trained people.

Ship motions or attitude are often cause of reduced crew performance and the dynamic simulation offers the possibility to train people to correctly operate or react in adverse conditions.

One single dynamic simulator can provide training for different vessels.