Weapon Handling Systems
Weapon Handling Systems

Weapon Handling Systems

The wide experience of Calzoni in Weapon Handling Systems (WHS) led to several modular designs tuned to satisfy a wide range of Customer requirements.

Calzoni WHS can be operated either manually or remotely controlled or automatically, allowing fast loading/unloading operations without risk for personnel and material.

Calzoni system includes storage equipment and all the loading unloading devices/subsystems to transfer the weapon from the storage position to its launching device.

Weapon storage position is always designed to protect the weapons and assure the availability even after a shock event.

Other equipment such as launcher rails, electrically powered transport dolly, storage special fittings are available.

Main features

  • Available design for SAM, SSM, Torpedoes (LW & HW) Decoys rokets
  • Fully automatic, remote and manual control available 
  • Weapon continuously restrained throughout the entire operation
  • Fail to safe system
  • Modular design easy adjustable to customer specific requirements
  • Short reloading time
  • Multiple weapon simultaneous handling
  • Safety device available in case of missile accidental firing and warhead ignition
  • Shock qualified design
  • Vibration qualification to MIL-STD-167-1