The Non Hull Penetrating Mast for Navigation Radar Antenna main characteristic is that the same hydraulic actuator which controls the mast hoisting and lowering, also houses a telescopic driving element to control the rotation of the radar antenna and a telescopic wave-guide.

In this way, the wave-guide will not be exposed to the external environment. For the description of the remaining equipment, refer to the NHP mast data sheet.

In case of specific requirements or sail constraints a configuration without a fairing is also available.

As an alternative to the wave-guide telescopic system, the NHP radar mast can be fitted with a rotational drive unit that interfaces with the radar TR/TX unit positioned underneath the antenna. In this way the radar electronics and the rotational unit will be self-contained in a sealed pod located at the top of the mast, while the connections to the on-board consoles will be obtained through a set of suitable cables.

In accordance with platform specifications, the mast can be fitted with or without hydrodynamic fairing as a function of the top deployment speed at periscope depth.


  • Modular Concept
  • Mast reconfigurable with different radar antennas
  • Higher speed at periscope depth (in faired configuration)
  • Wave guide contained inside hoisting cylinder
  • Noiseless raising/lowering control
  • RAM Coating option
  • Drop-in/Drop-out installation
  • No alignment required


  • Interfaces different navigation radar antenna
  • Available also in partial penetrating version to allow maintenance in navigation
  • Deployable at high periscope depth speed
  • Low noise design


  • Built in rotation drive mechanism
  • Available with RX/TX POD underneath the radar antenna
  • Alternatively can be used with a standard wave guide
  • Option design with fairing for higher than 9 nods deployments speed at periscope depth