Snorkel System <br />
and Gas Exhaust Valves
Snorkel System
and Gas Exhaust Valves

Snorkel System and Gas Exhaust Valves

The design solution for the Snorkel Mast has been studied following the standard Calzoni masts design concept and especially to allow inducing air vertically through the mast with minimum air pressure drop (Air Flow Optimization) to enhance diesel engine efficiency.

The entire system is designed to withstand underwater pressure so that the snorkel tube can be set in operation underwater at a safe depth. Indeed at a keel depth the tube is drained and once at periscope depth the snorkel mast is ready to operate without requiring a preparation time at surface.

A wave-following snorkel version of the same system has also proven its validity at sea. In this special configuration the upper part of the snorkel head has been designed to follow in real time the sea water level. The fluctuating head portion that emerge is constant, independently of the water level, due to a control system activated by water sensors located on top of the snorkel mast. Stealth characteristics are furthermore increased.

The design of the Gas Exhaust Valve System is aimed to eliminating dangerous sea-water leaks and noise during operations. Each valve of the gas exhaust system is made of special stainless steel. This product has been manufactured for various customers since the first installation occurred over 30 years ago.