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Universal Modular Mast
Universal Modular Mast

UMM Universal Modular Mast

The Universal Modular Mast has been integrated and tested with the Optronic, Communications, Satcom High Data Rate and Electronic Warfare underwater sensors.


  • Modular Concept
  • Re-configurable with different Sensor Packages
  • Built-in closure doors actuation system
  • High speed at periscope depth
  • High elevation stroke
  • Noiseless raising/lowering control
  • RAM Coating option
  • Drop-in/Drop-out installation
  • No alignment required
  • Low Life-Cycle Costs


  • Significant improvements in environmental performance, integration, stealth and reliability
  • Versatile approach, one design adapts to all above water sensors/antennas
  • Growth - Payloads Mast
  • FMF (Foreign Military Financing) qualified hardware
  • Lowers life cycle cost
  • Simplifies logistics & support
  • Simplifies ship construction